September 1, 2010

Thank you for showing that you care =)

I have recently came up with a campaign to promote environmental awareness to my friends on Facebook by abstaining from meat one day a week as a sign of battling against climate change. Out of the 641 friends I have on Facebook, 41 have pledged, and 34 other people who are not on my friends list have pledged too, totaling a number of 76 people! Not to forget the 26 who will try their best. By being a voice for the animals and environment, I sincerely thank all these people. The environment is something that is very close to my heart and all this support means a lot to me personally.

Many may not know that animals and livestock release a lot of Methane, which is a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide. So by cutting back on meat, we will be emitting less Methane into our atmosphere, thus the less need of complaining how warm the weather is getting and how bad we need air conditioning. It's true that it probably won't make a lot of difference, but who knows what could happen if we did? By being good stewards of this Earth, we should stop doing damages to our planet and start saving it. A couple of years back the air temperature was lower than our body temperature, but now it is the other way round. This is serious, and if we do not take this issue seriously enough, we will eventually have to pay. Not only us, but our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Lastly... as for the 143 people on my FB friends list who can't commit themselves, I am crossing my fingers and believing they will show their love in other ways. I am not upset, because I know that a total of 245 people are aware of this, which was my main intention of the campaign to begin with *smileee*

On top of being a vegetarian, I have also started a Facebook group called Friends For Motion (FFM). Like any other non-profit organisations, I hope to get full support for this project. With the help from my fellow editors, we will constantly keep members of FFM updated with environmental issues and little acts they can practice to contribute to our Earth, starting with our very first volunteer campaign which is Vegosaurs For Change. So if you are serious about taking action, join our group on FB today! =)

Believing that even tiny acts can make a huge difference should be the spirit of a true environmentalist, because there is no one human way that can totally change our world upside down, at least not yet.

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