August 27, 2010

To be happy, or not?

My mum told me in the car after work that another Air Mail from Britain was sent to the house for me, it's apparently from the university. I received an offer letter from Nottingham UK a couple of weeks ago for the Masters program I applied for, so why is there another envelope for me? I applied to only 2 universities so far and I was informed last week that my other application has been declined. My mum said its probably the course prospectus or something...

So I came home and opened the envelope to see this

It's an offer letter from Southampton for the program I applied for. Apparently the university made a mistake when they informed me that my application was declined... so in actual fact, I got it!

Other than Nottingham and Southampton, i'm definitely trying my luck with better universities when their application dates are opened. Even so, I already cannot afford the tuition fees, how on earth am I going to afford a better university?

Oh Lord... IF ONLY I was born a princess, my family would be rich enough to afford any education I desire. IF ONLY I went to UK earlier on to pursue my degree, I would be eligible for local fees which is at least 10,000 pounds cheaper. IF ONLY I studied harder, I would probably have scholarship offers in line. IF ONLY...

then I realised that I should stop thinking that way because IF ONLYs are not real.

I seriously need to work harder and pray harder. God help me.

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