September 1, 2010

8 daysss

Guess what?
It's been more than 3 months since I last saw my boyfriend, and he is finally coming back!!!

Omg it has been too long. I realized how caught up i've been with work and how much i've been committing myself to the whole environmental issue. I totally had him left out T_T and I have never felt more horrible. Elton if you're reading this I am so terribly sorry. I love you nonetheless, I hope you know that.

However, the good thing is that as the day comes closer, the more i'm feeling his warmth and presence. Our friendship is so strong that is surpasses a lot of things, which includes all the tiny misunderstandings and long distances. He is probably the only person who can make me feel like everything will be ok in times of trouble. I know he will always be there for me, to lend me his ear and shoulder to lean on. He has the only shoulders I want to lean on anyway and no way I am sharing them with anyone else =P muahahahaha

Looking forward to another great year with you! It's going to be exciting :) I know.

WHOOPS wrong fella! =P

Just playing, it has been rumored that these 2 beings resemble each other

I however find my boyfriend wayyy better looking (and smelling) duhhh :)

Love you hun, and I promise I will strangle you if you miss that plane. Xx


Elton Yan said...

hahah at least u can be rest assured that i'll catch you when u fall and NOT take off my shirt, and watch u bleed..haha

love you too best girlfriend in the world! my heart is with you...ofcourse i wont miss that plane ;)

xX sweet creature

Elton Yan said...

i meant to say 'xX you sweet creature' ( i just spoiled the flow as always =@ haha)