August 4, 2010

Mel's Shepherd's Pie

Recently my sister has been obsessed with food. When I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. Maybe not food, but she has been hooked to Nigella Lawson's food recipes. Who is to blame her, right? Nigella Lawson's cooking has to be the best thing since sliced bread. But who knows? Like I told my sister, nobody actually tries her cooking, what if it was all a lie and all her food may appear delicious but tastes horrendous in actual fact. That would be total joke if it were true.

Enough nonsense said, my sister spent hours turning the kitchen upside down just to prepare the Shepherd's Pie recipe she found on for dinner yesterday. It was indeed a success! (she wouldn't agree but at least I think so)

While waiting, I suppose she attempted making potato chips, which turned out to be SO GOOD! I couldn't stop picking on them...

i'm guessing slicing the potatoes into thin sheets were a pain, that's why she didn't make a lot of it

Then came the Shepherd's Pie which I did not take a picture of because there was chicken in it lol. That's not the point, my thoughtful sister was so nice and specially made a generous portion of vegetarian pie for me. She named it 'Inglorious' which actually tasted the total opposite. I liked it very much, thank you Smelly! You know I love you.

this is the actual Shepherd's Pie with chicken and cheese in it

my 'Inglorious' vegan pie

the leftover seasoned vegetables

I'm having this for lunch again today :) Popped the leftovers in the oven this morning and the aroma stretched out to every corner of the house... mmm, can' wait!


Melissa said...

Awww... only you are nice enough to finish all my cooking and praise me! It is indeed ingloriously glorious :) see, told you praying works. :p

Elton Yan said...

okay the last picture really hit the spot...haha..good job mel!