August 8, 2010

A very good saying...

I saw this somewhere... if i'm not mistaken, it should be a quote from the Facebook page of a friend of mine.

'I ask not to be spared of this pain, but the strength to embrace it as how I embrace all the other good things and happiness in life'

I really feel like the saying could be applied to all of us, or to most of us at least. So many times we look and soak ourselves in the bad sides of life, while forgetting about the good. Looking at the glass as half empty, instead of half full.

When I say all this, I speak for myself too.
To be honest, I am merely a typical girl who also has numerous desires in life. I find joy in being successful and it really disturbs me when I find myself not doing as well as those around me. I whine. I envy them. Then again, I forget to humble myself and remember of those who don't even have a fraction of what I have today.

So I thank God for His new mercies every morning, and His strength to help me through life. I believe He knows what's best for all of us. Sometimes the 'bad things' that we perceive in our heads aren't necessarily bad, God puts us through them because they are good for us, at least He who is sitting above thinks so. These tribulations help us appreciate the other things that have been masked from us, to learn lessons that may come in handy and strengthen up our spirits from within. My friend once told me that God will never put us through trials that are too hard for us to overcome, I strongly embrace that thought.

Self boast is really no boast, self pity is really no pity and talking without the walking is meaningless. I have learned that.

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Elton Yan said...

one very good way of seeing and walking life =) God be wth you and family always babe