August 24, 2010

Protect our Hornbills =)

The email came in today and it's confirmed!

I will be going to Belum-Temenggor Rainforest to monitor Hornbills for 4 days 3 nights =D and what's even better? I'll be going with my bestie/coursemate Jacqueline who is also a nature enthusiast!

This is going to be my first participation in a proper wildlife volunteer project where I actually get to be in the wild, I am EXTREMELY EXCITED!!! I signed up for the program without any hesitation after reading about it on the Malaysian Nature Society website. I told my dad about it after signing up and received a short lecture from him but too bad it was already too late (that's what I usually do so that my parents have no choice but to let me go =P) Not only that, I managed to talk my dad into sponsoring me for the trip. Killing 2 birds with one stone, woohoo! =D

My dad said paying for programs like these is like paying to suffer, I totally disagree with him. In fact, I find it a privilege to be able to contribute back to mother nature through the small little things. The money is donated to fund the project anyway. It is true that I might not be able to get used to not having any electricity supply and phone reception, but I believe I will survive. If the Orang Asli there can survive in this kinda environment & eat that kinda food, so can we =) *crosses fingers* obviously I have been too spoilt for too long.

So what do the volunteers do?

We will be given individual shifts to conduct daily Hornbill flight census and participate in activities like camp crafts, hut enhancement and raft building. There will also be visits to waterfall and Rafflesia sites =) I missed my chance while I was in KK so I hope this time I will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the renown Rafflesia.

The programme started in August and will be ending in September because this period is like the season where most of the Hornbills appear. I strongly encourage those who are passionate about nature and enjoy adventures to sign up! For more details, visit

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jac said...

bestie/coursemate/roomie/ cant wait!!!...missing u tonnes honey=)