July 28, 2010

Guys if you want to know why

... she chooses him over you

To be honest, a mature woman will always choose to be with the person who will be there for her over someone she loves more but is a thousand miles away and sees him only once in a hurricane. Simply pointless and a waste of time.


KLeong said...

Are you sure thats a mature woman? Is more like she's taking the easy way because that other person is there.
If mature and really love the other guy why cannot wait for him? More like immaturity to me.

Anonymous said...

yea..then any girl can pick any guy who is there jz cause he's by her side..so love she's been telling the guy is just for the moment he's with her by her side?
what is love anyway then..

Meibelle said...

i would say, for having a thinking like that, would not even call "LOVE"(thinking of an immature)

definition for LOVE: you love someone with no reason, for you love him for just the way he is.

If you say, choose that person who always there with you, but not really love you, and yet, the person who is far from you love you like HELL. I would choose the person who love me like hell even he is far, i still love him for his love is faithful and true.

i won't want to be the one whom her lover is out there working hard just to support the family with their "sweat" and yet the wife is flirting out there with guys who don't even know their names and "entertain" them for you just like to be touch and have *fake love*? Now, i would say, how dumb the girl can be, for choosing someone like that, and i can say, how pity that guy for having such an awful girlfriend.

Eileen said...

First of all, many apologies for not specifying the situation of which made me create such a statement. Please allow me to make clear that i typed this post based on the situation of a friend of mine who recently got married.

Given in a situation whereby you have been in a serious relationship with somebody you love, you guys have been dating for 5 years, and suddenly the other party decides that he/she wants to leave the country to another place for good, and this is totally not what you want. So you respect that person's decision, the person leaves the country, and along the way another person comes into your life. The new person offers you love, care, attention and even a lifetime. And you start to fall in love with this new person because of other factors too (compatibility, personality, interests, etc) in this case, what would you do?

I can be sure to make a statement saying that, a mature woman would be wise in her decision and choose the practical path. Honestly, we all do not live in fairy tales and as a girl, I personally would choose a guy who is able to capture my heart and at the same time be around for me when i need somebody. When it comes to something as serious as marriage, i would obviously pick the person who can be around me for life, instead of waiting for that same old guy who has decided that he loves another country more than he loves me.

Badger said...

If a girl picks the new guy then the old guy wasn't THAAAATTT worth it to begin with la. Some people are worth waiting for. I've waited 6 years, prolly looking to wait another 2-3 years before it works out. It will be worth it (or so I tell myself :p)