July 29, 2010

Can't sleep

It's past 10pm which is my supposed bedtime.
I can't sleep because my tummy is bloated from supper =( I made myself 2 peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwiches earlier on.

I really hate the time of the month where my monthly 'visitor' gives me a tonne of problems - backache, uncomfortable stomach, bloated tummy, sugar cravings, etc. Mind you I don't have a lot of self-control when it comes to sugar and battling with my emotional needs, it's the only way to suppress my monthly mood swings, unfortunately.

I guess I shall continue watching the Disney comedy series I downloaded recently - Sonny with a Chance, and hopefully, laugh enough to make me sleep.



Elton Yan said...

u know i always hope u feel better at heart =) will be back to give u massages okay my RILEY

Eileen said...