February 23, 2010

i have a reason to blog now =)

First of all, i would like to thank Mark Lim Eu Jin for the early.. amazing.. totally unexpected 21st birthday gift. It was really thoughtful of you and i cannot ask for anything more. It is so good looking yet practical, thank you so much =) it must've cost a bomb..

CNY is coming to an end.. oh mann =( other than the heap of CNY cookies and red packets, one other thing i look forward to every year is the shopping. Daddy would give us some money every CNY to shop for new clothes and stuff. However, i decided to do something different with the money this year - give my room a makeover. I shall post up some new pictures once i get the room done =)

It's unbelievable how much dust and dead insect bodies can collect in corners of your room where you hardly notice after idk how long. It took me 2 whole days just to wipe off the inches of dirt T_T it's soo unbelievable i can cry after thinking of the many years i've been sleeping and sharing the same room with all these peculiar uber-micro-once used to be organisms. Just the thought of it gives me the shivers.

So while cleaning up my shelves and getting rid of some old college text books, i stumbled upon a folder where i used to keep all my test papers and found all this!

I seriously, cannot, remember, how, i, did, it.. i am amazed by myself and i wish i could be that genius girl in college again because my results are nothing like this now. Can cry man.. then again, i am a person who strongly believes that exams and tests are the lamest way of determining somebody's ability. Hence explains why i'm not really affected by results.. everyone deserves a second chance, no? But then again, this thought of mine just might be a really bad thing.

One more month and i'll be climbing Southeast Asia's highest peak. I am totally excited about it! =) one thing i enjoy most and look forward to is the weekly training / hiking routine at Gasing hill. It hasn't really crossed my mind that we won't be doing it anymore after Mount K. What a bummer..

I'll be traveling on my own this coming Thursday to somewhere i cannot tell right now. I'll blog about it after i'm back though.. so stay tuned if you wanna know about my sweet escape =) heehee..

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Xjion89 said...

hahaha, hv a great 21st celebration~~~~~~~~(^^)~~~btw, super cool gift!!!~~