February 19, 2010

Your mercies are new every morning

CNY has been a bomb.

The tremendously long car rides were dreadful, but being able to spend the past week with my family is something i am so thankful for i wouldn't have had my CNY any other way. I realised how preoccupied i've been with myself for the past 2 years to notice the massive change in my family. It breaks my heart to see how mummy is becoming more and more forgetful everyday. My sister is transforming into a lady, and omg, she can drive now.

I loved how the 3 of us spent the past 3 nights sandwiching each other on a queen-sized bed like hamsters. I don't remember the last time we traveled together as a family. We are so comfortable with each other it amazes me how you both can overlook my nonsense and not be ashamed of who i am. Mummy is my super woman and Melly is my best friend. Despite the absent mind, mummy makes sure we walk right spiritually and constantly reminds us to give thanks to God every morning when we wake up.
Yes, thank God, for holding us together.


Anonymous said...

Happy CNY to you! =) good to know you had a good one~

God bless!

Xjion89 said...

(^^) family is the best fr CNY celebration(^^)~~~~~~~