March 13, 2010

kempen ELD

So they made a poster of me with my profile. A couple of grammatical errors but you get the idea..

So if you are not doing anything on Tuesday night March the 16th, bring your ear plugs to Semenyih and be ready to be overwhelmed :D would appreciate all the support i can get 'cos nothing means more to me than having friends by my side especially at times like these, not even being the winner will do. So..


i really need to improve my advertising skills; won't be surprised if no one actually showed up.


~G~ said...

hahaha ~!!!
after finish my match !!
baru i Go support you ~!! :P
wahahaha ~! :P
happy kah ~! :P
hehe !!!

Xjion89 said...

all the best!!!!!!
Ur voice is super beautiful!!!!~~~

Eileendeng said...

haha greg, choose now! football or friend!?!

thanks xj.. you're such a great friend :))

~G~ said...

basketball lar ~! :P wahahaha ~!!
at the end ..i manaGe to do both ~!!!
win the match and see you win the competition ~!!! :P wahahaha ~!!
sui boh ~! hahahaha