October 30, 2009

time to relax =) Not!

Daddy bought me a book =) vintage classic edition of the tt's wife. I'm VERY tempted to tear open the wrapper Right Now and start reading. Gahh.. but i really shouldn't or else i won't be able to put it down once i start. Work first.. eileen work.. focusss!

thank you daddy! =) i love you.

And thank you so much for helping me search high and low for the EIA guidelines i need for my forestry essay a dang thick stack of guidelines i'll hafta read up on, no sleep for me tonight. Hope you've safely landed in bintulu =) can't wait for you to be home.


Had a splendid dinner at Waterlily with godma and godpa tonight. I am happy and contented.

their signature fruit ice blended. this is honeydew and mint, the best i've ever tasted!

my lemongrass grilled lamb

Godma ordered a mojito which was served with a longg cucumber and chilli inside. It was extremely hilarious watching her gulp it all down, ahahahah..

godpa's salmon steak!

yummy fat riceee

Daddy's away so i'll be camping in his freezing cold room and using it as a library tonight. Gonne start burning my midnight oil, bleagghhh..

On a happier note, regardless of the lot of stress and deadlines.. i scored an almost perfect score for my first test, hehe.. thank You Jesus for giving me a great start to this semester.. and thank you for blessing me with the best lab partner/friend ever - Jacqueline she scored an almost perfect score too! who is always so patient with me & putting up with my nonsensical questions. i couldn't ask for more =)


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