October 29, 2009

Ahah finally..

Handed in my 30 pages long laboratory report on enzymatic reaction today. My head has been cracking over it for the past one week and i only got 2 hours of sleep last night trying to work out some last minute calculations. The next deadline would be next thursday for math followed by a 40% essay on Forestry next friday.. dieee.. then a presentation and plant design project which i'm supposed to hand in the week i'll be away in China.. die die dieee.. but i'm in such a good mood today i can't be bothered about ANYTHING right now! =))))))

1) No more sleepless nights having to worry about my lab report.
2) Salsa is ssoo AWESOMEEE! can't wait for my next class..
3) Managed to have 3 good runs this week, 6km each time..
4) Gonne watch This Is It on Saturday!

AHHH.. i'm the most contented person in the world right now.

Anyways i cooked Alfredo for lunch today with a bloody bull's eye. It was really delicious so i'm gonne share my recipe here..

Fusilli Alfredo
  1. In a pan, heat up about 200ml (per serving) of low fat milk together with a reasonable amount of butter. Leave to simmer.
  2. Stir in the amount of pasta you want - macaroni / penne / conchiglie / farfalle although i personally recommend fusilli or rotini (twists) with Alfredo, which is also relatively easy to cook.
  3. Add in a generous amount of cheese powder and seasoning (pepper, salt.. )
  4. Stir consistently for about 8-10 minutes then serve.
Toppings like diced tomatoes or bacon can be added in while cooking if it's too plain. Garnish with chopped parsley or oregano (should be yummy-er)

Signing off..

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