October 31, 2009

i need sleeppp..

Was working late last night and only managed to doze off at about 4.30am. In the midst of my so called sleep, my mind was still wandering & worrying about my essay and the other deadline and test this week.. gahh, insomniaaa. I'm feeling terribly restless now and my body's purely running on adrenaline. Nevertheless, I am happy =)

With the constant getting up, dozing off again, getting up again this morning, i finally managed to make myself feel sleepy at almost 10am. Which was when, a phone ringing tone buzzed out of my laptop. I groggily dragged myself out of my dad's enormous comfortable bed and landed my chin on the side of my laptop next to the bed.. to see a familiar face on the screen!

Sarah just got back to her room from a Halloween party. It was 2am in uk omg, but she looked so amazingly cute in her angel outfit dang should have snapped a shot of her. I miss you loads too rah! =( really wish i was there with you.. imperial, iamworkingmyassoffnowtogettoyou.

Talked for about 20 minutes, and i dived my face back into the sea of blankets. 10 minutes after when i was This close to dreamland, my cousin came knocking on the door to tell me to get ready for breakfast. Ahhhh..!

Washed up, changed.. we headed to citrus park for breakfast. The best part.. shoppinggg after that! =) seriously shopping is the best therapy.


i'm just really bored now, but gotta get back to work soon, AGAIN omgg.. This is It tonight and maybe a Halloween partyy! ;) okineedtosleepbyebye.

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