October 7, 2009

sore feet but i'm great

Just got back to my room. My toes are sore from walking around Gardens and Mid-Valley all day - what a wonderful way of celebrating one's birthday! =)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACQUELINEEE! - my darling lab partner =))
if she actually reads this..

Here are some pictures i'd like to share because I don't wanna be keeping them in my phone for life..

I'm so proud of my boys at home. Thanks to them, my beautiful kitchen is finally alive!

Sean, Han hung and Choo chii (cuci), hehe.. they cuci-ed the entire kitchen - from the fridge to the counter to the sinks and floor.

Han hung did a great job marinating meat for our house warming BBQ bash. We're all gonne be eating diarrhea-like food tomorrow night..

y'know what i mean now =)

Girls day out today! Lab partners Jacqueline, Priscilla, bestie Michelle and myself. Was expecting to spend quite a sum - (like in chic flicks where a bunch of girls will hang out and shop till they drop) but thankfully I didn't! Hehe.. and I promise that wherever we went, people were annoyed by our loudd non-stop bullet train girl talks. Ahahaha..

We had Japanese for lunch. Then we watched The Ugly Truth - i laughed a lot more this time. Went to heaven! I mean, Charles & Keith, hehe. Didn't buy anything -YET- don't worry. Anddd...after much long of craving, I finally got my


i like this gay drink because it reminds me of someone far far away from home.. please come back soonn =(

I did buy something at the end of the day. My long-awaited lipstick! I absolutely loveee the colour and the texture of it. It's really nice and I got it for 20 bucks cheaper than the normal price. How lucky! Hehe.

Maybelline Water LipShine Pure - highly recommend it! =) It's going for RM19.80 now at Watsons for this entire month I think.

I received the confirmation this morning that i'll be flying to China in December. Being sponsored by the chinese government to be there for 12 days! Woohoo, a chinese girl in a chinese world. Am excited about itt.. Gotta brush up my chinese first before I get killed. Hehe. So that's another thing to be added on my Going to Do List =)

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