October 16, 2009

something spontaneous

My classes ended at 3pm today, after which I headed home with my course mates (and housemates) Amelia & Michelle.. after we got home, one of the guys in our house suggested that we go on a hike up Broga hill. It wasn't exactly last minute, but it was very spontaneous and we were all definitely not prepared for it.

Nevertheless, we all got up to the peak in one piece after a good half an hour hike. Here are some shots i took with my phone at the top of the hill. The view was breathtaking and i absolutely loveeddd everything about it - great place, great weather & great company.

These are all scenery shots, human shots are being uploaded on FB now..

the first picture to be seen upon reaching the first peak

at the sides

i love golden hay fields.. they're so country-side like what we see in movies

After coming down, we immediately headed to town for coconut juice and cendol. Mmm.. decided to cook some spaghetti for dinner after reaching ho
me. Found out that I only had some can food left, so i used up whatever i had to make my perfect dinner =) it turned out like this..

fried spaghetti with Luncheon meat, egg & Bbq sauce - the best invention ever.

I took a look at some brochures for my trip to China coming december and came across this.. i really hope i'll get to see this while i'm there! hehe..

Some other random photos that i had to get out of my phone..

key chain sean & michelle got for me from Bali

mashed potato loaded with bacon that i cooked for our house warming

my boys at home =) they're crazy but i love them like my own sons

That's all for now.. stay tuned for more!

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