October 6, 2009

am I falling apart?

I hope nottt...

I'm gonne be ok. Just gotta work on my priorities for now.

breathe.. breathe..

I made a list of things i'm doing / going to do and another list for the things I wanna do in this short period of one year.

Things I'm Going to Do / already doing:
1. Study my butt off everyday.
2. Hike Mount Kinabalu (March 2010)
3. Run at least 5km, 2-3 times a week.
4. Save up for traveling next year.

Things I Want to Do:
1. Get First Class =)
2. See fireflies in Kuala Selangor before they extinct! (nope, I have never been there)
3. Hike Broga Hill & Gasing Hill.
4. Travel London & UK in June.

Will I be able to live my dream? I reallyyy hope so. The loneliness isn't going to kill me. I just gotta put myself together and get used to it. What an interesting year it's gonne be =)

Oh, I found pictures of my schooling days in London when I was little.. they're a bit blur 'cos I took a picture of the pictures.

Wouldn't be difficult to spot me, I was the only chinese. and I purposely flashed the light on that black girl right there, she hates Asians & got me punished on my first day of school.

I chipped a tooth here which you can't see, hehe.. =)

my sister just has to be a part of everything I do

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