October 20, 2009


I'm currently blogging from my dad's place. Yesterday and today were simultaneously 2 special days - sister Smelly and Aunt Jenny's birthday. So, we had a nice dinner at the Grand Dorsett! - by now you should already know that this is gonne be a food post. Dinner was spectacular. The ambiance was amazing with soft jazz playing at the back, table setting standards were met and the food was exquisite.

The first dish - fresh oysters, scampi and smoked salmon =))

in conjunction with Octoberfest - Terazza Bras' pastas

say cheeseee!

dessert's bar was heavenly. my sweet tooth is definitely gonne kill me one day.

chocolate covered apricots, panacota, cream caramel and lychee cheesecake, the list goes on..

the panacota was the best ever. it was so rich and creamy and tasted like whipped cream, so i became greedy and swept everything off the bar!

the siblings wanted a shot with the choco-fountain.

Lucas enjoying himself. Really glad cos' he's finally sitting down properly eating his food, thank gawdd..

i dipped my green tea ice cream with chocolate from the fountain and it freezed!

[camwhore time for the siblings]

[bad pic]

Birthday girl!

Awaiting for many more great ones to come..

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