October 24, 2009

I am Happy, because..

  • Had a great family dinner at Chef & Brew.
Kenneth took me here for dinner once and i fell in love with it. the cozy and relaxed atmosphere.. (i know i've been advertising a lot about food recently) but the food was yummy! An ideal place for discussions to take place because it's so quiet, or to just simply chill and hang out. So, i took my family here last night and they loved it too. Especially when daddy had to pay the bill.. in total was around Rm150 for 6 diners. Given the number of dishes we ordered (8 if i'm not mistaken), very reasonable i must say!

Clam chowder - not recommended.
Bubba gump still has the Best clam chowder i've ever tasted.

Hainanese chicken wings

Japanese salmon head

David's chicken chop

Daddy's bombay chicken - i likee this dish!

my long awaited and much craved for Lamb shank! =))

Lucas' mussels pasta

  • A lovely surprise from across the sea..

i absolutely lovee receiving postcards from friends who are far far away from home.

this one's from Jon all the way from bristol. =))

  • My to-do-list currently looks like this,

Things I'm Going to Do / alread
y doing:

1. study my butt off everyday.
2. hike Mount kinabalu in March 2010
3. run at least 5km, 2-3 times a week.
4. save up for traveling next year.
5. travel China with my sister in December.

Things I Want to Do:

1. get First class =)
2. see fireflies in Kuala selangor before they extinct! (nope, I have never been there)
3. hike Broga hill and Gasing hill. and i did both in one week!
4. travel london & europe in June.

So much to do, so little time! Gahh.. i'm gonne be MIA for a while. I have a couple of deadlines i need to settle before i can freely switch on my computer and Not to work. Till then stay tuned! =)