September 11, 2009

ya kah?

I went to OU to shop for some groceries for the picnic outing tomorrow with the intention of also dropping by at Nokia to ask if I could get my 5 days old phone that I dropped yesterday fixed.

So when I just arrived at OU, my phone rang and Smelly's caller Id was on it. I answered and she told me that she was in Tesco, meaning that I wouldn't have to buy anything for tomorrow. It was 9pm then after hanging up. So I went straight to Nokia, to find that the customer service centre closed at 8pm.

Since I was there, I decided to walk around for a bit. Then, I randomly walked into a shop selling silver and white gold necklaces, of which the following conversation took place...

Chinese Saleswoman: (smiles at me)
Me: (smiles back at her)
Chinese Saleswoman: (walks up to me) Nak cari apa, miss?

*ting* I can tell when someone misunderstands me and this is my opportunity

Me: ohh, nak tengok je...
Chinese Saleswoman: Sekalang (sekarang) kita ada banyak rantai yang cantik. Kita ada silver, ada emas putih, semua sangat cantik punya.
Me: -in a very bakul malay tone- Ohhh, ya ke?
Chinese Saleswoman: (takes out a silver necklace and a heart shaped silver pendant and wraps around my neck) tengok cik, yang ini sangat lawa. Ya, lawa sangat oh...
Me: oh ya, lawa betul ni...
Chinese Saleswoman: cik mau beli tak? kalau tak mau, nak letak deposit dulu pun boleh punya
Me: Saya nak tengok dulu ya...(goes around the shop while the saleswoman tails me and starts taking things out and showing me everything)
Chinese Saleswoman: Macam mana cik? Nak yang mana ah?
Me: ERR...tak ape lah, lain kali baru saya balik tengok. (walks out)


~ figured out a new way to play along with chinese lala saleswomen who think i'm malay =)

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