September 12, 2009

my stand

As most of you already know, I am rather committed to my church. I play the roles of a youth leader, singer and Sunday school teacher. But in my opinion, no matter what role a person plays whether in church or not, all of us are bound to reflect a particular, similar major part - a role model.

The very reason I am very much more conservative than the girls out there, in terms of the way I dress, the manner I speak, the places I go to, the things I very much because I am being looked up to by a bunch of teens and kids.

I hope this doesn't cause any misunderstandings, I am very honoured to have so many people look up to me like a Big Sister. However, the territory i've been placed in comes with its boundaries. I've been out there, seen many things, done many things, known many different kinds of people. I'm not afraid to admit that i've done countless brainless things that I strongly regret. For instance, dressing very lil', going clubbing not knowing my limits and ended being a drunkard. I'm not saying that its wrong to club, but it's just my personal perspective that nothing good comes out of it when somebody goes too often. And really, to be able to afford all that...I rather go out to some fancy dining restaurant with my Besties to have a good relationship-bonding session. Atleast i'm getting something good out of that.

Two people that i'm very thankful having in my life other than my family are my two Besties - Winney & Puimun. Ever since we were in High school, we had really good relationships with our juniors (students younger than us) because we were constantly being looked up to by them. We were good kids, and still are, and it was absolutely great having kids watching our moves which also kept us grounded. We hardly never allow bad words to come out of our mouths because we know it brings people down. Watching the way we dress, places we go to and people we hang out with to be sure of the kind of person we reflect our inner selves to be. Because truth is, whether it matters or not, we really should care about what people think about us, especially the younger ones who look up to us, unless you're simply ignorant. So lots of love from me to you both besties who never fail to be around for me whenever I need somebody =)

SO, its down to the question:- Where is the fun?

To be able to go out there to dress up, hang out, curse and party like nobody's business is really very easy. But being able to overcome all that and stay grounded, that's the challenging part, the fun part. Its probably hard to admit, but most of the time people come home from partying with empty hearts.

But this is just my stand. Please have your own if you don't agree. Really, as long as you're happy with your life.

Oh, and for those you who have been given roles of a leader and such responsibilities, please hand it over if your heart is already somewhere else. If you don't want it, lotsa other people do.

Why try so hard to fit in? When you were born to stand out.


Joshua Tong said...

Well Done Eileen, well said. You've grown so much through the years. Amazing person you are. Now stand strong in Christ, count it all joy when face with trials and live your life to the fullest in Christ Jesus.

Eileendeng said...

Haha,yea josh. I grow at the same time as i'm looking after the bunch of youth and kids. So i'm really thankful and honoured as well to be given such a big responsibility =)