September 8, 2009

Rambut dan telefon =)

Long... short... colour... straight... curly...

I've always been notorious for doing something to my hair after a new hair do. Which explains why my hair dresser is always unhappy seeing me. Hehe. Got told off a couple of times for cutting my own hair, highlighting it on my own, using bad products, yado yado...and i've always thought that i did a good job =S

2 weeks after getting my hair curled, I went to see my hair dresser today. He was quite happy with my hair, despite the bad maintenance. Jenna and I went together spontaneously, our hair cut and treated =)

Not to show off or anything *pfffttt* here are some pictures taken with my new phone =D

jenna and the steamer you can see, lots of steam - good for complexion =D

typical aunty getting her hair done

my hair dresser tried something new with my hair today. he made me a happy girl =) oh and, you can see that my forehead got burned - from the iron curler when i was trying to curl my own fringe on Sunday =(

and this is my new phone, hehee =DD

Good night people :~)

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