September 4, 2009

our very complicated relationship

Ever since I chose singledom, friends have become evidently more important to me than it used to be.

Well. To some extent, i'm not exactly single after all. I mean...I have marked my signature and agreed to be somebody's wife when I was in Form 2. (not sure if we still consider ourselves married ever since we lost that DIY "marriage certificate" of ours)

Pui Mun, who is now my wife and bestie, will be leaving for Vancouver on Saturday. This time, she'll only be returning in around June next year, that's 9 months from now. So we had a farewell get together for her last night.

my ever so cute mun bestie :~)

meet my husband, to whom I have been married for 8 years now. plus she has already left me to be with some other guy.

this pretty much explains the relationship between us. hehee...

the two wifies, we got our hair done together.

there were 2 pretty good singers who were performing on stage that night, so we managed to dedicate a song for our bestie who will be leaving for Canada.

the perfect shot :~)

Our time together is almost coming to an end. Semester breaks are almost over and I really can't imagine life without the both of you.

3 worlds apart - UBC, Nottingham, UM.

For where you are, is where I should be too :~(((


bzz said...

Hey Lao Gong,

It's my third day in Vancouver and I'm alright here. Just feel like having you and win to talk to me, really,the feeling is so strong. Why did I ever go so far without you guys though. Omg, and I'm missing you all already. =(

Take care bestie.

Eileendeng said...

Miss you very much too bestie =))) no worries, you'll be back in a blink of an eye. but as long as you are there, remember to work hard and do your best k? your two husbands are here adding oil for you...lots of love!!