September 1, 2009

it doesn't just fall from the sky

1st September 2009

From the sound of my alarm clock that rang exactly at 6.15am this morning, I woke up from a dream that I can only remember fractions of. Though I do not remember completely what my dream was about, I do know that I was drowned in a very deep sleep based on the fact that I did dream.

Unwillingly, unhappily, forcefully...I finally managed to drag myself out of my sea of blankets and comfortable cushions, to the bathroom where I perform my daily cleaning up routine. No doubt the bathroom will always be a place where I never fail to be myself. It's a place I use to think, relax, sleep occasionally, and even discover my gifts from time to time - singing to my showerhead.

I took my time getting ready for work this morning. Unlike any other working days, I prepared my lunch a night before hoping I can snooze for another couple of minutes more than usual. Chilli flakes and dill salad, tossed with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and cheddar cheese =) that was what I had for my lunch today. With the additional curry puffs and cucur bawang that Sean bought.

After taking a glance at the clock hanging on the wall above my fridge, my feet automatically went full speed like road runner from Bugs Bunny. I arrived at my car at exactly 7.11am. After unlocking the doors, I quickly tossed my lunch bag and hand carry to the back seats and attempted to turn on the car engine, which was when......


Of all the days, really. My car battery died on me.

So much for getting my pay cheque on the very same day. I had to spend quite an amount on a new car battery =( ownership over the car is necessary, i'm not spoilt even though my family owns a vehicle workshop.

Now I FEEL that money doesn't just fall from the sky. It's more than just knowing, I really FEEL it.


Sarahjean said...

great post eileen! haha

mann.. must really suck!! but oh well.. that's when we really learn don't we. hmm how come your car battery died just like that? did u leave your lights on? or just didn't service the car? haha

Xjion89 said...

omg, juz like tat , ur salary gone?!
wat'wrong with the car?
no discount fixing the car meh?

Eileen D said...

sarah, my battery is really old, so i guess it was abt time for it to RIP...i'm just thankful it died at home and not some place where i wouldn't know what to do =) hehehehe...

xinjiat, not all my salary is gone, hehe...a car battery isn't very expensive but it costs quite a bomb. usually i can get my car fixed FOC coz my family has a garage but i just wanted to learn how to be independent and have some ownership over my car. hehe...