September 18, 2009

For M.E.J

You are the
pinkest bimbo anyone can ever meet.
Yet, you're a
brainiac no other bimbo can ever beat.

You have a look & accent that impresses and sets a trend,
pretty much because your parents gave you blood you cannot amend.

Kind hearted and generous one,
what a great friend to have, that's why we love you tonnes!

your all-time favourite pose

we were the so called "Charlie's Angels" in Uni

good times we had together =)


-Happy 20th Birthday-

All the masak-masak & grocery shopping sessions.
The reading girly magazine & Gossip Girl marathon sessions.
The manicure & plucking eyebrow sessions.
The dieting and shopping sessions.
And of course, the copying coursework sessions.
It's all gonna start all over again the following Monday =)

1 comment:

michelle said...

thank you so much eileen!! :D :D we will be seeing more of each other very very soon. hehehe. :p u know i love u! XOXO ;)