August 31, 2009


It's exactly 5.36am now. I went to bed really early last night, hence the superb early wake-up-nothing-better-to-do post. Hehe...

I was home alone last night. Smelly and I went on a shopping spree at Hartamas in the evening (boy that girl has turned into a shopaholic!!! not even willing to leave the boutiques until she has glanced through each and every piece of clothing!?) When we got home, which was a lil' later than expected thanks to the shopaholic, that sis of mine immediately had to get ready for Desmond's birthday dinner which was at Frontera, Jaya One. I decided to not go because I thought the food there was gonna cost me a bomb, given that all my money has gone to my new hair, clothes and treasure chest in which i've been saving up some money for a new phone. *beams*
Smelly if you're reading this, PUH-LEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY TREASURE CHEST!

And after some time, I texted Smelly to ask her about the food while I was happily alone at home enjoying my panna cotta for dinner and watching Step Up. Then the unexpected reply came - "They serve mexican food here. And it's really cheap! It's like Chillis but cheaper. Ranges from 10 over to 30/40bucks. I'm having a burger for 16bucks, we should try here next time" *smacks own head real HARD*

Danggg...things haven't been going my way recently. It's as if the stars are not aligned.

For ONE, the silliest match i've ever watched last night - ManUtd v Arsenal.
I want to smack Diaby. All my favourite player's effort had to be put to waste! My poor Arshavin...for one moment in the first half, I got my hopes sky high.

was hoping to get my pay cheque last week but the HR department just had to move to another floor so they couldn't issue me my pay. Of all the days?? Now I have to punch a couple of new holes in my belt so that I can wrap my stomach tighter.

I can't think of anything else anymore. But I do know that I am seriously deprived of good food. Care to take me anybody? =)

have i ever mentioned that the sweet tooth gene runs in my family?

panna cotta - my dad and i heart this dessert so much we had more than 10 of these the last time we went out for a buffet.

I am trying to enjoy my long weekend before it's back to my dead job. However, time is flying by too fast. I can hardly put my finger on any second of it.

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