September 19, 2009

that speaks a thousand words.

I'm not exactly in the blogging mojo today, so i'm gonna let them do the talking...

The youth went for a picnic.

smelly & my sandwiches, jenna's apple pies, sarah's jelly, my nasi lemak, felicia's yao cha kuey & curry puffs

the very main reason for the picnic
Jenna Cullen's Birthday! :~)

kayla's standing so straight =D

kerinchi & i

jenlyn made me a ghost and duplicated me

guys washing clothes manually by the stream. and they seem happy.


Frontera finally.

Habanero chilli chicken wings!

The ultimate juicy plate. slrrppsss...

who better to go with than someone who doesn't waste food


Michelle's 20th.

i only have one picture =)


Tsze-tsze wanted to get a haircut yesterday before going for lunch & shopping, so I tagged along and I found this superrrr cute Shih-Tzu that the hair dresser owned...

So while waiting...

i tortured put him to sleep =) hehe...


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u were drunk ma...haha!