September 29, 2009

bonjourno! from TTS4

So here I am, in the midst of trees and beautiful hills. I can smell the fresh air composed of greens and after rain scent. I've almost forgotten how its like to be living with and surrounded by mosquitoes & strange looking bugs. If I pop my head out of the window and look up right now, I would see a field of uncountable stars that stand out so brightly from the dark, black cloudless background.

Taman Tasik Semenyih 4 - the new place i'm currently staying at for my second year.

Take a glance at my new room:

the entrance
you can also see the shelf where I keep my food stock & the laundry bag next to it

what you see when you come in from the door
my study table - the place where i'm blogging from now

the most comfortable place ever
and a mini dressing table right next to it

I miss home already =(((

Tonight's gonna be my first night here. Honestly, i'm still feeling very very unsettled. The 4 months break really took a toll out of me. I'm supposed to be studying right now. Instead, I rather sit here and miss home. This is gonna take some time getting use to...

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