September 30, 2009

bon voyage!

Dear Sarah Jean Ho,

Do these pictures remind you of anything?

remember how you were trying so hard to hide the surprise party from me?

the times we would be laughing at and teasing Michelle

the very reason why we enjoyed Semenyih so much - killing time with funny & lame ideas

the passion for outdoor activities

basketball sessions & girls' get-together

The past one year would have been so meaningless without you. You have been a great friend, sister, role model, course mate, neighbour & bestie in University. You flying off to London later today is a really great thing, but you'll definitely be missed here =)

All the best in Imperial & we'll meet again soon!
*crosses fingers*

i'm gonna be running on my own from now on =(

1 comment:

février said...

omg that's so weird, i might have known her ! i just left imperial