September 28, 2009

truth out!

As most of you already know, i'll be leaving in t-minus 10 hours. I got up this morning feeling a little light, so decided to go on the weighing scale.

Truth is, I came back from Nottingham 4 months ago weighing... ... ...51kg *hides face* (i'm not very tall, so 51 is actually really heavy)

But now, i'm going back to Nottingham weighing...


no error. i went on and off the scale a couple of times to check. the needle was in place too.

Weight was never really an issue for me. At least not until people started telling me I need to see a doctor because i'm getting skinnier by the day. I've lost a total of 8kgs ever since I came back 4 months ago. People actually think i'm purposely going on this "diet" thing which is soo NOT true. (People who have been taking me out to eat please do me justiceee!) I eat like normal, but i've been exercising and going around more often than I used to. Or maybe I just have worms in my stummy (stomach? tummy?)

Oh, and look what I ordered for dinner tonight!

Obviously, I am NOT on a diet.
But don't be fooled. The burger patty is vegetarian, AHAH!!! My grandma's a herbivore, so I didn't have a choice but to order something that seemed appetising from the menu =)

Okay. I'll blog again soon, from Ulu Kampung Semenyih.

1 comment:

bzz said...

EHh Lou gong lou gong, I realized that when I saw you last time too, you were like getting skinnier and skinnier till winney and I were discussing, what happened to you huh?
=P But glad that you're eating regularly, so it's not a worry anymore.=)

Take care!