September 30, 2009

2nd night at my new home

It has been better today, I guess. I have a lot to catch up with in terms of homework, which is why I spent 2 hours in the library after classes today. My new place is getting better. The porch is finally junk-less and my room is starting to feel a bit like my room back in my house in PJ.

OHHHH...I forgot to mention. I had the most number of unfortunate events happen

1. After classes, I went to the clock tower to seek the financial officer who is in charge of my PTPTN approval. When I got there at 2pm, the office girl told me to go back at 2.30pm as the officer was out to lunch.

So okay. Never mind.

2. Then I walked to the building next to the next building to seek my personal tutor hoping to get some forms filled in. When I got to his office, he was out. I was guessing he went for lunch as well.

Moving on.

3. I headed to the library to study, yada yada. So I was in the library for about 2 hours, then I decided to leave. As I was walking down the stairs with my hand bag, water bottle, phone & jacket. Suddenly, bloooppppedddd...I slipped & slided down the whole stretch of staircases. Landed on one side of my butt cheek which is aching really badly right now. I'll most likely get a huge bruise. But still, I am very thankful no one witnessed that embarrassing scene. Thank You Jesus =) you know me so well.

4. So I headed back to the clock tower hoping to meet the officer again. When I was a couple of steps away from the building, I received a phone call, from the officer! She was apologising about not getting to me and all that. But that's not the point. She called to tell me that I need to reapply for my PTPTN againnnnn. (i've been waiting for my approval ever since a year ago which has been pending till now, and now, THIS...!?!?!)

5. Then I headed to my tutor's office again which is a building away from the clock tower. Not to my surprise, he wasn't in again. This is my 3rd time trying to find him this week =(

6. As I was driving back home, I decided to stop by at the sports centre to collect my medals from the run last semester. I was supposed to get 2 medals - one silver & one bronze. But guess what? They lost my silver medal. So I only have one now.

How much more unlucky can I get???

Ahh well.

I don't usually do this, but I decided to camwhore a bit. I haven't been putting up pictures of myself recently. Hehe.

my wardrobe mirror. looks a bit dark.

I bought a big & nice mirror for my dressing table today for RM9.90 from The Store. Woohoo!

that's my wardrobe and you can see my bronze medal

The Best Part of Today has to be...

my first cooked meal here =)
macaroni & cheese with bacon and tomatoes

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