August 24, 2009

good morning Malaysia!

I'm at work now. It's boringgg...

I went on the weighing scale this morning. I was shocked to see that i've lost weight again, even when i've been eating quite a bit for the past few days. I came off the scale and went back on. 44kg. I looked into the mirror to see my collar bones are showing and it's hideous. I gotta start eating more protein and work out. I need to build more muscles. Care to join me, anybody?

Oh, btw I missed out on writing about one very important event that took place during the weekend. I was invited to attend my indian friend, Priyanka's Arangetram. If you don't know indian (as if I know), it's actually the graduation of a dancer. The huge event was also to make it a point that she has reached a certain level of maturity spiritually. It was quite interesting. 2 hours of solo traditional indian dance by Priyanka which all told of different stories. Of which ended with an indian dinner. I was told the food was bad, but I couldn't tell. The cold and sore throat prolly numbed my tastebud. Photos up soon. Hehe.

Back to my dead boring jobbb =( My colleague resigned last Friday, so all the work has come back to me. Gotta go peeps.

HaoWei will be leaving for Toronto this evening and won't be coming back for the next couple of years. We were placed in the same class every year since Primary 1. Am gonna miss that shy yet manipulative boy much=(

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