August 23, 2009

summer hair and friends =)

A couple of you may already know...


Got it done with Bestie Pui Mun on Saturday. However, received more bad comments than good ones =((

But on the brighter side, i'm part of High School Musical now.

My hair is currently the Gabriella Montez. too bad I don't date Troy Bolton

Anyways I had a great weekend.

The highlight of this week would be meeting up with my primary school friends that are back from overseas for the Summer break. Unlike any other bunch, we were really really really close back in our primary school days, all of us, as we spent at least 3 years together in the same class. Some of which since Primary 1 even, which makes it 6 years. We did almost everything together way back then - played sports, studied, gossiped (bad bad but we were young then), had outings, bullied each other and never ending punishments. Haha.

It was really like a High School Musical, in a way. Everything was pretty much "We're All In This Together".

We had a nice dinner on Friday night which was followed by an extremely exciting yam-cha session consisting of tonnes of stories, rumors, memories and laughter. Till 3am. And we could have gone on having no sense of time if only we weren't so tired. 6 of us decided to meet up again today because we didn't have enough of each other on Friday, also because Hao Wei will be leaving for Canada tomorrow and may not be coming back for the next couple of years. So, we karaoke-ed!

of laughter - KhoonHuang & SheeYan

of insanity - HaoWei & Britney Spears' I'm A Slave For You

of reuniting and reminiscing good old times

It's amazing how an 8 years gap couldn't change the chemistry between us at all. Not even a single moment of awkwardness.

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