August 6, 2009

from the working table...again

I just got back from lunch. As I typed "" into the address bar and clicked on the "Go" button, the words "ACCESS DENIED" were displayed on the screen. Noo...that means no more im-ing with Desmond to stay awake while working! I think the workers around me must have sniffed something fishy ever since I started giggling to the monitor screen like I am crazy every now and then. Sigh =(

I managed to run about 5.5km yesterday without stopping after a whole day of work! And guess what? My legs feel totally normal now! like I didn't strain them at all =) hehehe...i'm so proud of myself.

Anyways, i'm gonne go off soon. Then i'll be meeting Tzse for dinner + shopping after work!!! Wheee =)

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