August 3, 2009

dearest michelle chong pui mun,

this picture is for you... ... ...

your two beloved husbands, having a private affair session while you are working

bestie! =)

So after an outing with the bestie, I rushed to music practice and then to No Black Tie at night for this Michael Jackson tribute thing...they played MJ's songs, all JAZZ!!!! <3 <3 <3

setting up the stage

singing Man in the Mirror, awesome vocals!
the young sexy singer that Desmond first had a crush on, but then fell for another singer that came up later who was much sweeter, and less wild =P

powerful vocals, and she's already a mother!

THE percussionist - Desmond called him the witch doctor, look at the kinda instruments hanging around his percussion set...

some random people doing some fire performance on the road and blocking the traffic outside No Black Tie, ish


the very necessary ugly camwhore shot of yours truly =)

Good Night.

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