August 10, 2009

ones that matter

So my usual Saturday routine (given that I don't have anything else planned with people other than my family) would be spending time with my family.

I think i've put up a post on how important it is to spend time with our families. Therefore I shall not go there, even though I am naggy and I very much enjoy lecturing people - thanks to those who don't give me enough attention. *coughs*

Okay! So last Saturday, I managed to spend some time and have dinner with my dad's side of the family. Here are some snippets to do the explaining...

Japanese at Crystal Crown =)))

relatively fresh sashimi

sushi with too much wasabi =S blekkk...dislike wasabi

bbq-ed beef with long beans & chicken wings

ladyfingers, bbq-ed too

Susan a.k.a "Mei Che"'s fry chicken thinggy with egg, extremely tasty =)

we all like miso soup very much

and our all time favourite - endamame! We had two plates of these.

Okay. So that's the food. Now some shots of beautiful siblings, hahaha...from the eldest to the youngest...

the two "tai ka che's" - Melissa (a.k.a Smelly) and Eileen, that is me =)
(fyi, I am the eldest)

the handsome brother - Lucas, not so handsome in this picture

the gorgeous sister - Louisa. People say that she's gonna grow up to look exactly like me,except she has 2 dimples and I only have one.

the handsome brother & the ugleh sista =PPP

the brother and the gameboy
(think he picked up that bad hobby from Smelly, cos' she used to be addicted to gameboys)

Lastly, of course, THE most gorgeous picture of all...

I have to admit that we are beautiful people. Lol =P

I noticed that my brother is looking more and more like David Archuleta as the days go by.

the face of my brother in matter of years, HOPEFULLY, lol!

He even knows how to sing "Touch My Hand" without anyone teaching him - that is how quick he is able to pick up music from whatever sources possible. I am amazed at my brother's perfect vocal pitching and I believe he's gonna be amazing when he grows up. Hehehe...

Till the next family reunion.

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sean said...

told ya wher the other dimple "ran" to d.. haha