August 17, 2009

am annoyed, buttt

Every now and then, I log in to my Facebook account to see one or two new messages in my inbox. I like receiving messages. However, I simply cannot CANNOT cannot tolerate guys that send me all these normal wanna-get-to-know-you or wanna-get-closer-to-you, or whatever I don't know how to describe messages. That's not the problem. They're not just any guy! These are guys who are already attached to other people. In other words, these guys already have girlfriends.

LIKE SERIOUSLY. If I could smack you hard, i'd do so immedietely. What is the matter with you! Your butt cheeks are too itchy huh?

If I find my boyfriend going around flirting with other girls and calling them by names, he can kiss his sweet butt goodbye.

"My dear, my dear, my dear" Like seriously, these names just turn me off. If you have a problem with your girlfriend, like, if she's not giving you enough attention or she doesn't allow you addressing her with names, or whatever and you're feeling lacking or unhappy about it, TELL HER. I'm sure she wouldn't like you going around addressing other girls my dear, darling, sweetie bla bla please just stop it. I've had horrible past experiences that involve my ex-boyfriend therefore I AM very sensitive to these things. I pray to God that you will read this and come to your senses.

Anyways, i'm done with being angry. Some pictures that make me happy...

delicious drinks - to keep the talkative mouths hydrated


camera(s) - to capture precious memories


handbags - symbolising girls


similar purses - symbolising alikeness


outing with besties!

ever so cheeky...

ever so proper...

when the two worlds meet...

shy? yeah right.

finally a proper one.

trying to take a photo of me

if you know chinese, try guessing what this picture means...

Good night now =)

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