August 19, 2009

getting better

I just got home from run. I'm so proud of myself =) After a whole day of work, I managed to break my own record and hit pass the 6km mark today within about 40 minutes without pausing. Kenneth ran with me today. It was really nice of him keeping me accompanied even though he was hungry and tired. If you're reading this, Kenneth oh Kenneth, please know that I really appreciate the effort!

Anyways the movie "UP" will be screening tomorrow. BUTTTT...i've already watched it on Saturday!!! Muahahaha... So I managed to get free passes to the preview on that day itself from Tropicana City when the Hitz FM crew were there playing a couple of games and trying to lift Ean up into the air with huge helium filled balloons. It was actually a really nice, and not to forget, heartfelt movie. Somebody actually cried watching it, not gonna mention any names here *ahem*. Worth a watch at the theatre! =)

Oh, and the fat chinese looking boy is sooo cuteeee =DDD Like what Jenna said - he has no nostrils and he is soo

So the HR department called me today to tell me that they won't be paying me any more than i'm already getting. I don't think i've mentioned the story before. I'm currently being underpaid, as in, I haven't been getting the pay that I was told i'll be getting during my interview. In addition to that, my boss told me last week that she thinks i'm being overpaid. Because apparently, i'm not a very productive worker. Hmmggggffhhh...

I hope my boss who sits in her office all day will miss me after i'm gone, especially when she has to go through all these papers one by one and getting them done by lunch time every single day. Oh, and she better not miss out the boxes in front of the desk and the stack of paper work on top of it too, they're crucial stuff. =P

Off to bed I go now. Another mountain pile of work awaits to greet me good early morning tomorrow...

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