August 16, 2009

curly hair...oh yea, oh no??

So I had another outing with my two besties today. Like usual, we sat from one restaurant to another and couldn't stop talking...if we're gonna be talking non-stop like we already are now at the age of 20, it's actually kinda scary trying to imagine how we'd be like when the three of us finally hit the 50 mark, if we live that long (Win & I will be dealing with plenty of toxic spills in the near future, lol!)- We'll be like any other LOUD & IGNORANT aunty gang sitting in a coffee shop for hours every Sunday morning keeping each other updated about our week. Haha. Anyways, pictures will be up soon, once I find that thang that connects the camera to the computer. Hehe...

Oh, so I was thinking of getting my hair curled, again. Yup. If everything flows smoothly, I will be going to curl my hair with bestie Pui Mun soon =))

However, there's still this tinge of doubt in me. So i'd like to hear some opinions.

Here are some pictures of me with curls from once upon a time...

my sister did this for me - instant medium curls

the first time I had my hair permanently curled

instant big curls that can be washed off

the slightly long, messy kinda curls

I think I like this best, actual proper curls

not too bad either, slightly wavy

no curls, just waves

As you all know, I currently have straight & short hair. So i'm not too sure if curls would be a good idea. how? To curl? To not? Let me know what you think! =)

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LadyVanity said...

why not??? :D i think curls are great with d right lenght of hair ^^ sexxxxxy!! u might wanna let ur hair grow out a lil more tho ;) if its too short nanti gv u that "puffy" look pulak XD