July 8, 2009

work finally!

Since i've started working on Monday, I haven't been able to update much. I hate it when Sean tries to guess what I will blog about next, I hate it more when he gets it right.

He's right. I'm just gonna do a short update about my new job.

Thanks to Sean, I managed to get a job at Damansara Heights. It's a bank, but not a "bank" bank. Its an office bank, if you get what I mean. CIMB =))) The one next to the one that just collapsed.

(I didn't take the job at Zoo Negara for my very own reasons)

Basically my job involves a lot of paper work, dealing with brokers and shares, and settling payments and stock distribution. But most of the time I just stare into space and day dream. Sometimes I even doze off because I have nothing to do or when my job gets too boring. I get paid by the hour so I really don't mind. I'm so glad that I managed to pick up Picoult's My Sister's Keeper just now so I can bring it to work to read when i'm bored. I'm even happier when I think about the price I got it for. Sean and I saw it for rm34 at Borders on Sunday, I was this <--- close to buying it until in the midst of my doubts, I recollected that Popular card members get 10% off for every item purchased. Being that patient was literally like telling me to hold my breath for 3 days but I'm proud of myself that I did. In the end, I got it for rm23 because members get an extra 20% discount =))) I saved 9 bucks! I'm such a cheap happy girlll!!!

I'm really not used to dressing up to an office job, and even not used to traffic jams, again! Oh GOSH. I really really hate hate hate the place that i'm staying at. Pelangi Damansara - it's a convenient place for shopping and all. But when talking about going to work in the mornings and coming back from work in the evenings, its a big NO NO. I drag myself to work every morning with mood swings, my colleagues and boyfriends become my victim. Worse, the most horrible thing about working in an office is that you become very unhealthy simply because your butt is stuck to your chair for 8 full hours. I shouldn't complain much since Sean's job in not only to sit for 8 hours, but also to stare at the computer screen for the full 8 hours. Atleast I still have a variety of work and will probably live longer since i'm not exposed to all sorts of electromagnetic wave as much. For now, being the restless me, i'll just try finding every silly excuse I can to stretch my legs and walk around. Since its my first week of work, I still have nothing much to update about. Which is probably a good thing because you honestly don't wanna become the "hot topic" of the office because office gossips are so real!

Updates soon...

this is a sweet my big -garang- aunty boss gave everyone when she was in a good mood, it had passion fruit flavour

Here are some recent snippets to keep you all entertained.

this is the usual Felicia, she was like that the entire hour

my very long nails that I don't possess anymore, I took a picture of it so I can remember I had nails THIS long

amanda is taking camwhoring classes from me after mahjong sessions, did I ever mention that i'm super addicted to mahjong now??

Lucas on his birthday

And lastly...where on earth did you hear that i'm starving myself???

my tastebuds are still very sensitive to the most sinful, most glorious, most irresistable yummy yummy food!!!

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