July 19, 2009

of papercuts, papers and more papers.

Time flies really fast while you are working. You drag yourself to work early in the morning, but while you are busy with work, its home time before your eyes.

Work has been better for me. Its been 2 weeks and I pretty much do the same thing everyday. Most of the time I still have my own free time, and with that opportunity I pretend to be busy so I don't have to be everybody's secretary instead of only my superior's. Currently, I have 11 paper cuts on my my right hand alone. Little things like paper cuts did not occur to be severe to me until the cuts came in touch with water. Ouch! They are no joke. Paperwork is really not my thing. Papers not only cause injuries, they are extremely environmental unfriendly.

Its times like these that i'm thankful i'm still a student. I can't believe how much I miss being back at Campus, attending lecturers, studying with my friends and having fun. I sort of regret not deciding to go to Bali with my friends now. My excuse was mainly because I didn't wanna miss classes as i've already decided to move into the library this coming semester. Results for the previous semester have already been released, and whatever I achieved was pretty much what I expected although I really really could have done A TONNE better. Nevermind, it is the coming semester that really determines the stage of honours, which really matters.

I'm pretty sad that quite a handful of my friends will be leaving to other countries soon. If only I had worked harder and set my goal earlier, i'd prolly be joining them. Well, hopefully I will next time. To California, I pray. The only place i've been dreaming of pursuing my studies at :)

Anyways will update soon...with pictures I hope. This blog is becoming very dull and boring. Here is one picture for you,

of hopes and dreams and tonnes of hard work - the University I will be pursuing my environmental degree in the near future *crosses fingers*

Ciao people.

p/s: have put on plenty of weight recently, due to a lot of sitting, lacking of exercise and chocolate covered cherries ;)


Xjion89 said...

waaa, u r so so so good! working and dieting...

as for me, i slack like a pig><

bzz said...


Really hope that you can make it.
It will surely make up part of my break if u were there.

Anyway,take care and wish to see you soon.=P *Hugs*


Eileen D said...

Lol...chill la xinjiat...its still summer break! I saw our timetable nxt sem, 5 months break if not mistaken...

Yeahhh...I really really really wanna go to California!!! Even if i don't get in there...can we go there to for hols and tour around? I want to atleast step foot in the campus...come come with me!!!