July 3, 2009

i am the laugh of the day.

If you have read my sister's blog, please do not shove food down my throat. I am serious. I am not anorexic, I think I am just having stomach problems. I try my best to eat as much as I can, but I cannot eat a lot, or else I will have the feeling of wanting to throw up. I think it's indigestion and yes, I will see a doctor if this continues.

Moving on...with updates.

I watched Transformers 2 for the third time today. Being the good sister, hehe, my dad told me to bring Lucas for the movie and so I did. I managed to get 3 tickets for the both of us and my sister at MidValley. Mana tau that tired brother of mine slept half way through the movie and woke up afterward not remembering that he watched it. Not only that, he woke up towards the end of the movie complaining that he wanted to go to the toilet. So, the muscle woman, that is me, carried my 40 over pounds brother and ran out of the theatre and down the parking lot stairs on mission of finding the nearest toilet. By the time we got back in the cinema, the movie had already ended. We went to Pets Wonderland after that because my brother wanted to see animals. Then, the most embarrassing event took place as we were about to leave. Dang it. I told Lucas to be careful while walking down the stairs to make sure he doesn't fall, instead I slipped right after warning him and went down a couple of steps and landed right on my buttock. Man, it still hurts and I promise you I heard someone laughing from above. My brother stared at me and asked me why I fell, man, what a bad example. Danggg...

Surprisingly Lucas didn't complain that he was hungry, in fact he wanted to go home. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant with the rest of the family. That's when I started to feel like vomiting after the oh so yummy and glorious thai food (although all I ate was lots of veggies). I stood up from my seat and headed to the bathroom to puke. The nauseous feeling prolly affected my eyesight because I couldn't find the toilet bowl even though I was in the toilet. I heard some laughters from outside of the toilet cubicle, so I came back out and saw the "MALE" sign on top of the door. Dang it again. I am never stepping foot in that restaurant ever again. I really wish I was atleast a little taller to prevent all these embarrassing moments from happening. I blame my height, but i'm quite used to it already, I mean the embarrassing moments.

Anyways I think I better stop here. People who are not half asleep by now after reading whatever I typed, you are hebat! Haha, I am indeed the shorty that has lots to say. Don't even try to take away that title from me. Hehe, ciao.

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