July 1, 2009

to my favourite boy in the whole world

Before the clock strikes 12 midnight in approximately 10 minutes time, before your title "King of the Day" gets taken away from you, before all the fun you had today seemingly becomes a dream...

I'd like to wish you...yeap you!

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

3 birthday songs

2 birthday cakes and surprises

1 -garang- girlfriend to spend the day with

and tonnes of birthday wishes!

From the petite, extremely naughty, double headed boy with numerous body scars who refuses to swallow his food and pukes it all out in the toilet bowl...

To a mature, intelligent and determined young man who started to make wise decisions and scored A's as if he were eating peanuts...

Now a sweet, funny, tall, handsome and ever so sincere man who is capable of winning my heart and many other things.

Hope you enjoyed your Big Day. You really are something, that's why you are so worthy =)))

With lots of love, your baby.


Xjion89 said...

waaaa, what a love post!
sumore, u r a very good detective to be able to snatch those photo...geng

haha, happy birthday, Sean^^

sean said...

thk you!!