June 27, 2009

freakin' thoughts

So here I am, home alone, bored with tonnes of thoughts going through my head. Too many thoughts, I don't remember what was I thinking 2 minutes ago. My mom has gone for a school reunion with her ex-classmates and my sister is teaching tuition to the kids in Crossroads. I'm quite a useless piece of junk, sitting here in my living room, killing time, thinking of what to do.

Ok, i'mma blog about whatever that comes to my head.


"Maybe I should dig out Angela's Ashes to read it again because it's a really good book although the author describes certain stuff a little too detailed and it's sickening."

"Maybe I should go to the salon to get my messy hair chopped off, I would definitely if it wasn't a Saturday today and thinking of my name being last on the waiting list just isn't motivating enough."

"Maybe I should go to One Utama and pick up that 9 bucks turquoise top from Wh because i'll prolly never find it again after this weekend. But the parking...ugh..."

"Maybe I should grab a pail of water and give my ever so dirty car a wash because it deserves it for providing me with excellent service so far. I promise you my car is so freakin' dirty that sometimes I can't even recognize it from far. Yet, paying my sis 5 bucks to wash my car would prolly be a better option, haha."

"Maybe I should go put on my swimsuit and do a couple of laps since the weather is so allowing today. Is "allowing" even a form of description?"

"Maybe I should take out some DVDs like High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 and repeat each and every single line after the casts since I haven't done it in a long time."


I want to work out. I am so motivated right now given that i've lost 3kgs after taking that Herbalife shake 2 weeks ago. I don't care about losing/gaining weight, I just want to have a small waist, toned arms and legs. Oh, and I also want to get back my tan!!!!!! I miss being slightly tanned. I don't understand why most girls want to be fair. I cannot stand girls that are so freakin' afraid of the sun as if the sun is gonna burn them alive. Ok, I should really stop being a pain. I want to go to the beach, where are my friends?????? We're supposed to plan a trip to the beach...

I know I am evil when I am a pain, but I can be worse than this and you guys know it. Come out!!! Wherever the both of you are hiding...we've got planning to do! I can't wait :))))))


jote said...

Eh, in the event that you're bored and would like to borrow them, I have Frank McCourt's 'Tis and Teacher Man, both follow-ups to Angela's Ashes..

Eileen said...

Oh oh oh...I have 'Tis too, but I don't have Teacher Man. Is it good? Hehehe...I really don't mind it Jon, thanks for offering =))) will prolly drop by your place to get it from u k?