July 26, 2009

good nighttt

I just got home from a 3km run and night market with kayx, eddy, smelly and felly. I'm so tired, but my body feels so good =))

Oh how I miss running...I haven't been running for months so being able to run 3km without getting sore feet isn't too bad I guess. Imma start training for Mount Kinabalu soon...can't wait!!

It's almost 10pm - my bedtime. The thought of having to sit on the office chair for 8 hours tomorrow and for the rest of the week is torturing...I don't really have a choice and I should really learn how to stop whining and be thankful that I even got a job to begin with. I take too many things and people for granted, really.

Gotta get up at 6am, so toodles! =) maybe i'll blog at work tomorrow if I am suffering from boredom


Xjion89 said...

omg, r u planning to go Mount KK? if so, count me in..so difficult to find ppl to go together these days^^

Eileen D said...

yeap, i'll be going in March next year...i'll be missing 2 days of uni though...going with church friends coz it's so difficult to find people to go with =))) you're right!