June 15, 2009

weight management program

I'm currently on a totally uncalled for weight management program which I did not sign up for.

Details of the program:

Client: Deng Ei Leen
Age: 20
Supervisor: Mummy
Method: Herbalife protein shakes

So my mom fed me with unpleasantly tasting protein shakes that are supposed to assist me in weight losing then took measurements of my body.

Client's Body Composition Readings:

Height: 157 cm
Weight: Not revealable
Body Fat: 28.8% (too much fat)
Body Water: 52.1% (intake of water is insufficient, ideal would be 55%)
Muscle Mass: 33.6% (under exercise)
Physique Rating: 4
Bone Mass: 2 kg (too light, ideal would be 2.5 kg)
Metabolic Age: 20 (just NICE internally & externally)
Visceral Fat: 2 (good)

If my body is made out of 70% water, then out of the other 30% of my body, 28.8% of it is made up of fat!?!?!?!
OH NO. No more cheeseburgers for me for a month. Like, yeah right. I really hope and pray that the protein shakes work because they are so freaking expensive and i'm not supposed to eat anything else as one glass of shake is considered a meal. Dang it.

No sacrifice, no victory, right? *crosses fingers*

They look yummy, don't they? Puh-lease, don't be fooled.

These shakes are supposed to help those who are overweight to lose weight and those who are underweight to gain weight, so it's basically very good for health. Every glass of shake contains sufficient nutrients that you need in a meal. Apparently they contain 100% herbs and no other chemicals other than the flavouring. I shall update you guys with my weight losing progress soon, I hope :)

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