June 11, 2009

summer holiday updates

It's so nice not having to catch up with time, activities and people. I just came back from a 3 days 2 nights trip at Bukit Tinggi with Sean and his family. Honestly, it was a little boring, BUT...it's been like, forever since i've felt so relaxed. I like trips where you don't have to plan for the day and make sure you keep to the time when you want to travel to different places, those just give me migraines.

Yes, you must be wondering, what IS there to do at Bukit Tinggi? Well...

there's food

and then there's more food

look at the number of eggs in the pan

the gathering of young and old

annoying mischievous kids that reigned the boring atmosphere

ideal architects that are pretty impressive

But what's more fun than being close to nature?

We paid the rabbit farm a visit, and we were so fortunate to witness these new-borns. That's a rubbish bin lid, so you can imagine how small they actually are.

this is Simon holding a rabbit that was half asleep.

and then that's me trying to curl the rabbit up into a fur ball.

Sean once used to enjoy the taste of rabbit satay and tricked me into eating it. Lucky for me, he promised to not eat rabbits anymore, right Sean? You should have seen the way he sayang-ed the rabbits and didn't wanna leave, priceless. Haha, and I thought he was that heartless, how could I?

So I got kicked and scratched by trying to pick up a rabbit for the first time. I didn't know that rabbits were so aggressive because they really dislike being picked up and they will struggle their way out of your palms even if it means injuring themselves. However, there is a proper way of picking up rabbits, so look carefully before you visit a rabbit farm next time:

If you can't see the picture clearly, it says that the proper way is by picking them up by the scruff of the neck and then support the rabbit's buttock with your other hand. This may seem very unpleasant and it actually will not endear the rabbit, so you don't actually have to do this to your pet rabbit at home, given that these are wild rabbits after all.

Dang, I still can't believe that i've eaten these poor guys before.

this reminds me that there is a rabbit fun land not too far from my campus in Broga which allows you to play with their rabbits and then they serve you rabbit satay after that. So evil.

...but talking about it, they don't taste too bad actually, just like chicken. Then, what doesn't taste like chicken? Haha. NO. Say NO to rabbit meat!

More updates coming up soon :)

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