June 17, 2009

10 only!?!

I don't usually watch the news or read news, because I don't believe what I see. However, something caught my eyes on 8tv news tonight.
My secondary school!!!

How I miss wearing those uglehhh pengawas vests and telling people to pick up rubbish on the floor instead of doing it myself, haha. I'll always remember the most embarrassing thing my teacher made me do in school because no one else was willing to was to stand on the canteen bench 5 minutes before recess ends and yell into the loud speaker telling the students to put their plates into the buckets. All the students will then clap their hands and cheer for me after that. That's how far you would go to be a teacher's pet. Man, those were the days...


The ministry of education decided to limit students to taking only 10 subjects for SPM from next year onwards.

Dang it!


why didn't they do that earlier!?!

Hmm...but if I were to drop a subject, I would most probably droppp...

Because it's all a lie and it's too time consuming to remember pointless names and dates.

Did you know that they've removed the 5 Hangs (Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi...) out of the textbooks because they were found out to be chinese? So ridiculous, but as if I care. Blah.

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