May 27, 2009

what time is it?

It's summer time!!! Like, literally.

I'm gonna spend my time like there is no clock.
I'm gonna sleep all day like there is no night.
I'm gonna waste money like my purse is bottomless.

If the last one was true, I wouldn't be sitting here when I can just pay someone to do the typing for me.

Anyways my boyfriend, Sean, myself and our 2 besties - another Sean and Michelle decided to take a road trip up to Malacca right after our last paper t0 have some fun after a long month of being quarantined far off from civilization.

Some snippets of how we spent our time there, which is like eating most of the time,

We visited the safari because we had no choice. We were all ready to go to the water world until we found out at the ticket counter that the water world is open everyday EXCEPT for Tuesdays, how unlucky, right? However we did have a lot of fun, Sean and myself managed to pat tigers for the first time, and Michelle was the spotlight of the bird show and she also managed to get a shot with a snake. Other than that...

we also visited the renowned historical area of Malacca...

got a new blusher and lip gloss from the body shop which was a really good buy, I promise you the blusher smells exactly like real roses. Lastly, and importantly...

fishball noodles without fishballs that Sean hearts so much

ABC ice kacang which was chosen from a list of over 30 choices, this one is called silvery moonlight ecstacy or some chun-ted name I don't remember. Last but definitely not least,

THE famous chicken rice balls

not forgetting Hainanese chicken made famous by my ancestors, teehee :)

of course we ate tonnes of other good food, but I will reach my blog page's capacity limit if I post everything up here. I have also reached my body's fats capacity limit after eating all that food, which is definitely not my ideal way of starting my summer...going to sign up for dance classes now..

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