May 23, 2009

lazy & so not motivated

I am one paper away from...ticka-tock-ticka-tock...SUMMERRRR!!!

Yea lah, I know it's summer 365 days a year in Malaysia. I meant SUMMER BREAK :)

I am excited already, although I don't really know what to look forward to. I am definitely looking to traveling around and probably picking up a job to earn a few extra bucks. I don't really know what to be working as though. I don't wanna be working at some restaurant or boutique. I just received a job offer to teach English at a language centre but that, I will consider. I wanna do something exciting...for intance, working in the zoo! :) That would be really nice.

Anyways it's kinda freaking me out to be studying at where I am studying. A 2nd year civil engineering student just passed away this week from a terrible car accident right outside our campus. Bad luck. So far within my first year in Nottingham, 3 students have died, which is like 1 out of 1000. Okay :S

I just thought of something really funny to blog about, and I bet the joker reads my blog. The joker of the day - Sean Sia.T.W. and the story goes like this...

Just the other day, Sean Sia saw a centipede on the floor...he wanted to tell Michelle to look at he was like..."Michelle, look! err...METERPEDE!!!"

OH EMM dang funny, but whose to blame him for his silly mistake? If you ask me, I can't tell between a milipede and a centipede...and whatever -pedes as much as I am into insects and bugs.

Ok. I gotta go start my engine now for my final paper. I will definitely blog again later, and I promise to write better instead of stupid things like now because i'm so burnt out.

like HSM. tick tock tick tock.


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michelle said...

hahaha! that baboon a bit the sot